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Ease the burden of Tax Investigation

The HMRC can open an enquiry into your personal or business affairs at a moment’s notice, for seemingly no reason. Dealing with a sudden and unexpected Tax Investigation can be a very stressful and disruptive time. At Patel & Co we’ll ease this burden by communicating with the HMRC on your behalf, guiding you through the investigation, and negotiating any settlement if necessary.

The HMRC are increasingly looking to recoup any lost tax, so regardless of your status or profession, a Tax Investigation enquiry can open up against you immediately, which can be both financially and mentally devastating. Patel & Co accountants can offer you a Tax Investigation Service, assisting you throughout the process and resolving the dispute as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. Whilst you cannot recover the costs from the tax authority we will at least guarantee peace of mind.

As always prevention is better than cure. The best course of action is to avoid an investigation in the first place. The number one priority would be employing the services of an accountant, ensuring that your tax returns are up to date, accurate and comply with the latest UK tax regime. Patel & Co offer accounting services to make sure there are no late payments to the HMRC.

The HMRC carry out a number of arbitrary and unavoidable investigations. Unfortunately, that means that it could still be you. At Patel & Co accountants we are here for you. Let us ease the burden.

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